History of the RoxyAnn name

RoxyAnn Winery is located on the historic Hillcrest Orchards.  When RoxyAnn was first starting out, the name Hillcrest Winery seemed a natural, but the name was already taken by the Hillcrest Winery, Oregon’s oldest estate winery.  As names were being contemplated, the realization that RoxyAnn Peak dominated the landscape and was a very visible landmark.  Hillcrest Orchard is located at the base of RoxyAnn Peak, so it was a natural for us to adopt RoxyAnn as our name.

RoxyAnn stands tall ove Medford, OR

But, where did the name RoxyAnn Peak come from?  The peak is approximately 30 million years old, stands 3,573 feet above sea level and over 2000 ft above the Rogue Valley.  The mountain was known to the Takelma Indians for thousands of years  as Al-wiya.

In the 1850’s,  John & Roxy Ann Bowen settled property at the base of the mountain.  Historical anecdotes relate that the name stuck because Roxy Ann was a tough-minded, progressive frontier woman, and as such, was quite memorable.  The winery is named for the  peak, which honors Roxy Ann Bowen, wife of John Bowen and mother of Samuel Bowen, whose donation land claim is now part of Hillcrest Orchard.

A view from the peak

RoxyAnn Peak looks out over the Rogue Valley

Next time, I will explain the origins of the Historic Hillcrest Orchards


Southern Oregon Wine Blog: On my Radar: Red Lily Vineyards!

Southern Oregon Wine Blog:

On my Radar: Red Lily Vineyards!

Jan 19, 2010

A great review of the Red Lily Tempranillo when the blog author visited RoxyAnn Winery

2005 Red Lily Tempranillo

251: Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio – $15.00 & Over – 2010 Award Winners

The 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Award Winning Wines.

RoxyAnn 2008 Pinot gris awarded Silver Medal

The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is “the largest competition of American wines in the World!”

The RoxyAnn 2007 Pinot gris was awarded the Gold Medal in 2009.  The 2008 Pinot gris was one of two Rogue Valley Pinot gris to medal and one of ten Oregon Pinot gris to be awarded a medal, overall.

To see the whole list, please click on http://www.winejudging.com/medal_winners_2010/251.htm

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Statesman-Journal goes wine tasting at RoxyAnn Winery

The Statesman-Journal.com, “Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley”,did a great piece on the history of Hillcrest Orchard from 1908 to the present, form our history as a Pear orchard to the present day vineyards.  A great read, highly informative and well crafted.

photo by Michael D. Davis

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RoxyAnn blog update

Hi all,

Sorry I have been remiss in updating the blog in a timely manner, it has been a tremendous summer.  Very hectic, yes, but great things going on at RoxyAnn.

This fall/winter, we hope to have our recipe/pairing section done as well as general updates on the wines, the winery and special events.  I hope to sit down with John Quinones, our winemaker, for a series of short pieces and interviews, as time permits.  Hopefully, I can get Michael Donovan, our Managing Director, to contribute as well.  He has extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge, as well as being a major force in the direction that RoxyAnn Winery is going.  Our Southern Oregon Wholesale Rep, Ned Armstrong has also committed to contributing to the blog from a sales standpoint.

So, please stay tuned, we have lots of things in store for the blog; a “wine-derful” journey, if you will. (please pardon the pun).


Tuna-turned-salad | Crescent City California News, Sports, & Weather | The Triplicate

Light lunchtime, summertime dish’ made with mostly local ingredients

Light lunchtime, summertime dish’ made with mostly local ingredients

Crescent City Chef pairs Salad with RoxyAnn Pinot gris

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VERAISON- Grapes are showing progress


As we approach harvest, I thought I’d give a little update on the vineyard.  According to Randy Gold (vineyard supervisor), John Quinones (winemaker), Terry Light (ranch manager) and their assorted consultants, the vineyard has never looked better.  This bodes well for a promising harvest and another batch of wonderful RoxyAnn wines.

The French have a term (don’t they always), called Véraison .

The official definition of veraison is “change of color of the grape berries.” Veraison represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening, and many changes in berry (grape) development occur at veraison.  (thank you wikipedia)

Veraison means that the vineyard and winery staff will be closely monitoring the grapes over the next few weeks.  This is the time that the vines themselves stop growing and concentrate on fruit production.  this is the prelude to harvest.

It seems that some grapes are already showing great color and some, such as Merlot, are already tasting sweet.  This is normal as Merlot traditionally ripens early here at RoxyAnn.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted as the grapes progress…

red grapes

red grapes

Viralwines.com recently completed a survey of wineries that have built a fan page on Facebook.

Congratulations … RoxyAnn is within the top 50 wineries!

(A copy of the article can be located on http://www.viralvines.com.)

Salem SJ Article- blueberry pie & RoxyAnn Late Harvest Viognier

The Salem Statesman Journal just gave us a nice review in pairing our Late Harvest Viognier with blueberry pie on June 17th.

Pairing: Blueberry Pie

— Annette Solomon

June 17, 2009
The perfect accompaniment to a pie is a delicate, un-oaked,
late-harvest, white wine that isn’t too sweet. RoxyAnn Winery,
in Southern Oregon, produces a prime example of such a
late-harvest viognier. The wine’s flavors of nutmeg and
cinnamon echo the warm spices in the dessert, while the fruit
flavors do not overpower the berries.

Bottle Images 024

Hillcrest Growers & Craft Market

Grand Opening

Hillcrest Grower’s & Craft Market

Starts today, June 3rd, and will run each Wednesday and Friday from 2pm – 6pm.

eat local tomatoe

Meet the people who grow your food and enjoy the vibrant flavors, aromas and colors of the Rogue Valley harvest. Over 25 local Rogue Valley farmers, ranchers, crafters and artisan foods will be on-hand to offer their products directly to you.

Come support these local growers. They are happy to answer questions about their growing methods, food storage or favorite recipes. These artisans of the land are proud of the food they deliver to market, and are enthusiastic to share their love of growing with their customers.  Enjoy the taste and quality of the food you purchase, and feel good knowing that you are not only choosing a healthy lifestyle, but helping keep area farmers on their land producing food.

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