History of the RoxyAnn name

RoxyAnn Winery is located on the historic Hillcrest Orchards.  When RoxyAnn was first starting out, the name Hillcrest Winery seemed a natural, but the name was already taken by the Hillcrest Winery, Oregon’s oldest estate winery.  As names were being contemplated, the realization that RoxyAnn Peak dominated the landscape and was a very visible landmark.  Hillcrest Orchard is located at the base of RoxyAnn Peak, so it was a natural for us to adopt RoxyAnn as our name.

RoxyAnn stands tall ove Medford, OR

But, where did the name RoxyAnn Peak come from?  The peak is approximately 30 million years old, stands 3,573 feet above sea level and over 2000 ft above the Rogue Valley.  The mountain was known to the Takelma Indians for thousands of years  as Al-wiya.

In the 1850’s,  John & Roxy Ann Bowen settled property at the base of the mountain.  Historical anecdotes relate that the name stuck because Roxy Ann was a tough-minded, progressive frontier woman, and as such, was quite memorable.  The winery is named for the  peak, which honors Roxy Ann Bowen, wife of John Bowen and mother of Samuel Bowen, whose donation land claim is now part of Hillcrest Orchard.

A view from the peak

RoxyAnn Peak looks out over the Rogue Valley

Next time, I will explain the origins of the Historic Hillcrest Orchards