2010 Harvest Thoughts

Industry Survey

2010 Harvest

RoxyAnn Winemaker John Quinones responded to an industry survey with the Oregon Wine Board. Here is an exert of that survey.

When did harvest start for you? With which varietals?   Oct 4th.  Merlot and Viognier.

When did it end?  Nov 4th.

Please describe the effect that weather had for your harvest.   We had ideal weather through September and the first three weeks of October.   Rain in the last week of October forced us to pick some grapes early (due to the potential for rot), however most of what was left were Bordeaux varietals which had no problem being left out to ripen.  They were picked in November with nicely developed flavors.

How would you describe the fruit composition or flavor profiles of the grapes in general?   Good color, lower than usual tannins, more red fruit character than black fruit.

What was most notable about this year’s harvest?  In 24 years of Winemaking I’ve never picked grapes in November.  It was a challenging season.

What are your initial impressions?   We do have some exceptional lots of nearly every varietal, but there are also some very average ones.  Overall, the consistency is off across the board.

Will 2010 be a grower’s year or a winemaker’s year, and why?   Both – I think they are equally important every year.   One never does well without the other.   This is a year that will showcase the talents and skills sets of both growers and Winemakers.   People that hope things turn out right every year are at a significant disadvantage over the people who understand how to compensate for less than ideal vintages.  This will be a year that will set people apart.


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  1. January 3, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the reads.

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