South Stage Cellars and Roxyann wines

By Lorn Razzano

Tidings columnist

September 22, 2009


Roxyann — Here is another southern Oregon winery of special note.

I just tasted their Viognier and it was simply lovely on every level. Ned, the very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable wine man who is the hard-working outside salesperson of this winery (I’m never shy on giving a good person credit), tasted me on this white wine. This wine had every component one would wish in a fine Viognier. One of the great things about Ned is that he allows the wine to speak for itself, that is, he does not try to influence the taster but allows the subtle, elegant flavors of the wine to speak for themselves. This is how fine wine people work: If the wine really has the stuff, it will need no introduction or prodding. Roxyann Viognier really shows its quality time after time and is worth every cent paid to enjoy it.

To read the whole article, please visit… Lorn’s Article

Lorn is a teacher at Southern Oregon University, the owner of Ashland’s Wine Cellar, a wine tasting judge, an all around enologist, and a great guy


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