Select Mobile Bottlers bottles 2008 Pinot gris

Mobile Bottler Comes to RoxyAnn

We just finished using a mobile bottling trailer from Select Mobile Bottlers of Napa, CA.  The automated line ran great and was a blast to watch.

Mobile bottling give us a chance to bottle in a fast, efficient way, with minimum time elapsing between the first bottle and the last, resulting in a more consistent bottle of wine throughout. Quality is our first and foremost consideration.  The mobile bottling line insures that each bottle of RoxyAnn wine will be consistent from start to finish, resulting in a better wine for you!

In addition, the mobile bottling line allows us to save time, space and money.  The cost of the bottling line is offset by the savings in man-hours (labor), as the line can process in a single day what normally would takes days.

To view the video of the bottling line,

To Play the bottling line video

bottling line video

The Select Mobile Bottling crew did a great job, they made the whole process flow smoothly and effeciently.  Thank you to Leo and his crew!

For more information on the bottling line, please click here-  Select Mobile Bottlers

Select bottling logo


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