Jack Day retires from Medford Water Commission

RoxyAnn Founder & Owner retires from Medford Water Commission

Although the Medford Water Commission

RoxyAnn founder and owner, Jack Day

RoxyAnn founder and owner, Jack Day

is affiliated with the City of
Medford, it is governed independently.
A five-member board appointed by
Medford’s Mayor and approved by the
City Council, provides oversight for
Commission operations. Over the years,
the Commission has been fortunate to
have many individuals willing to devote
countless volunteer hours to serve multiple
five-year terms on this board.
With the expiration of his latest term,
John (“Jack”) Day recently stepped down
after serving as a board member for
twenty years. During Day’s tenure, the
Commission experienced significant
growth, with the population served
increasing from approximately 77,000
people in 1989 to nearly 130,000 today.
Major projects during his years of service
included construction of the Disinfection
Facility at the Big Butte Springs, and
significant modification and expansion
of the Robert A. Duff Water Treatment
Plant. While on the Board, Mr. Day
personally became an active sponsor of
Water For People, a nonprofit organization
focused on improving drinking
water quality in developing countries
worldwide. Jack Day also served on various
other local boards over many years,
including the school Board for Medford
District 549C.  Day remains active managing
the operation of family-owned
Roxy Ann Winery.


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