RoxyAnn Winery, Vineyard Update with Wine Maker John Quinones…

I believe all truly great wines are made in the vineyard – most people have heard the cliché:  “You can’t make a great wine from average grapes, although you can make an average wine from great grapes”.

In keeping with that philosophy, we try and exercise the same level of care and attention to detail in the vineyard as we do with the wines in the winery.

We are currently busy working in the vineyards – mowing cover crops, cultivating, hand-hoeing weeds, thinning shoots, taking soil moisture measurements, and training our young vines, in preparation for the 2009 vintage

We look forward to enjoying the fruits of our labors and sharing them with you.

-John Q.

RoxyAnn vineyard, spring, 2009

RoxyAnn vineyard, spring, 2009

John’s winemaking philosophy is simple

“A winemaker can’t craft wines that surpass the quality of the fruit – it’s our job to fully develop, preserve, and showcase what comes from the vineyard. With appropriate viticulture practices, desired flavor profiles, balance, and texture can be developed in the vineyard, long before the grapes are brought into the winery.” Quinones’ stylistic hallmark among his wines is balance and texture. “I am very focused on the texture of a wine. The balance of the fruit, acidity, tannins, etc., is what creates a wine’s texture. When the balance is right, the wine is in harmony, and will simply feel good in your mouth.”

RoxyAnn Vineyard are Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) Certified

RoxyAnn Vineyard is Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) Certified


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